401 Dundas East: Joining in the Revitalization of Cabbagetown South

Spanning Carlton to Shuter and Sherbourne to Parliament, Cabbagetown South is filled with historical Victorian houses, great schools and leafy laneways. For generations, it brought people looking for a quiet, tightknit community to the heart of downtown. And at the heart of Cabbagetown South is 401 Dundas Street East.

We’ve been hearing from residents and neighbours about what makes this neighbourhood special, and the vision they have for its future. While these conversations are still ongoing, a consistent theme has emerged from groups such as the Cabbagetown South Residents’ Association and The Friends of Cabbagetown South: this neighbourhood is defined by its incredible potential for families who want exceptional schools, verdant green spaces and a direct connection with some of the best that Toronto has to offer.

One member of the Friends of Cabbagetown South summed it up perfectly: “The story of this neighbourhood is really about a group of young families discovering immense convenience and amenities.” Those amenities include Allen Gardens, Ryerson University and the Regent Park Community Centre — all just a stone’s throw away. They also include more than 30 parks and quiet laneways that offer a refuge from the bustle of the city around them.

401 Dundas East had been owned an operated by the same individual for 50 years, so we wanted to find tenants who would bring a similar passion for the neighbourhood. We know that the anchors of communities like Cabbagetown South are small businesses that prioritize that connection to their neighbours. Fortunately, we found the perfect fit.

AlphaShine , a premium car detailing business, brought a creative spark, re imagining the aging façade with a stylish modern design. They quickly engaged with their neighbours, sharing their commitment to putting down roots. Another great match for Cabbagetown South is the eclectic SkullStore , a remarkable collection of natural and anthropological artifacts, from dinosaur bones to ancient statues, all sourced sustainably.

When AlphaShine moved into the space, they began a major clean-up, removing trash and installing new safety measures, including comprehensive new lighting and security cameras. The response from the neighbourhood was immediately positive, but the next chapter for this property is just beginning.

As we look to the future of the property and neighbourhood, we’re engaging in conversations with the community. We’ve heard from groups like the Friends of Cabbagetown South, who’ve shared their love of the neighbourhood and their vision for how it can grow, as well as their concerns and priorities – including greater safety and security without losing the rich character that makes the neighbourhood unique. Together, we’re committed to supporting its evolution into an even more liveable, vibrant place that more families can call home.

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