Building for the future of work

What will the post-COVID world look like? It’s a question on many minds these days, both in terms of how people live and how they work. For years, digital innovation has been shaping homes and offices, but the past year has accelerated its already rapid evolution. Greater connectivity, redefined conventions of where business happens, greater environmental and urban consciousness: these trends aren’t just top-of-mind for employers, but developers and architects as well.

At 208 Bloor West, we see an opportunity to build for where work is going. Our partner Les Klein at BDP Quadrangle summed it up perfectly: “We’re trying to future-proof the office space that we will provide, in terms of the quality of the space, the quality of the light, the quality of the air, all of those elements. We want to look at it as an amenity rather than as purely a commercial real estate asset.” For professionals who see the potential of office space as an extension of their home, 208 Bloor West will provide a seamless way to bring the office close, while maintaining a clear distinction between where they live and work.

That last point is critical: many professionals who value the flexibility of remote work still want a separate location from their home, but shared office spaces often come with their own challenges and compromises. At 208 Bloor West, we aspire to bring the best of all worlds: a prestige office location for professionals who wish to remain close to home while staying keeping control of the environment and its specifications.

The three floors of office space will be designed to next-generation standards with resident wellness paramount. Lighting, layout and tech infrastructure are top priorities in adaptable layouts across three floors of dedicated office space. The concept of an office as a residential amenity is about convenience and flexibility, giving residents an opportunity to ensure their professional space meets the same exceptional standards they’d expect from their home.

Of course, we cannot predict the future. But by understanding today’s trends, we can design for people’s needs first, and evolve with whatever tomorrow brings. You can learn more about this project’s incredible potential at

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